Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Changes and More- Welcome to the Hill

This has been a season of dizzying changes.  I had been at the same job for the last 11years and finally broke free this spring.  And while it might not seem to be an event that could change every detail of your life, it was. It was a summer of re-applying my focus and energies, some toward those who choose to have me in their lives, but, mostly back toward myself.

Through the persuasion of some longtime, and very wonderful friends, I have taken on the challenge of turning those new-found energies outward again.  Persuaded to write, to actively persue my love of art.  Persuaded to share with anyone who wants to share with me.

So, metaphorically, while autumn is a time of sleep and quiet, that will not pertain to me.  It is not the time to migrate to a comfortable zone.  It's time to embrace the changes in the sky, in the landscape around me and to manifest those changes in as creative a way as I can.

Here on the Hill, I want to present you with ways to express a shared friendship in personalized glassware or novelties.  Or a love of an inspirational sight on paper or canvas.  Or capture the excitement of a movement with color.  As we move along, I hope to show you how I can do these things for you.  And I hope, you can show me ways to do these things for you as well!

Welcome to the Hill! Thanks for joining me!

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  1. Great first post!! So welcome to the world of blogging. I'm looking forward to reading your posts and once you get a few more up, I'll feature you on my blog. Nice art too! LOVE my wine glass!


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