Friday, October 29, 2010


Looking for a Special Gift? This was sketched as a 10th anniversary gift to Mike. Lighthouses became our special symbol after we spent our honeymoon in Cape Cod.

The Imagined Land: A dream landscape to wander through...
To the right, a detail of the Imagined Land.

A friend had given me a few photos she felt would work well as paintings. While I've yet to really finish this, I do think it demonstrates the potential of creating a personalized scene to have as your own.

The photo above & a painting detail to the right.

The giraffe below was drawn after my daughter's roommate expressed her infatuation with the animals. Is there something special you'd like to see created to express that interest?

These 3 photos show a couple of different ways
to celebrate friends and teammates.

The Bowling Buddies of Booda's Bunch

An original Uncommon Chick

Still Under Construction: St. Lawrence Seaway
Tis the season for pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!

This was inspired by our #1 Pumpkin. Hope she knows who she is! Do you have a unique nickname for a loved one you'd like illustrated?

The original photo that Mike took at Watkins Glen, NY

Capturing Nature's Magic

Detail of Nature's Gift

Froggy, the Action Hero! Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal you'd like to see come to life?
The brilliant colors of this magazine cover translated so
well to a vibrant illustration in markers. A favorite pic could
take on this unique form, too!

Another Imagined Land in Color: Over the Rainbow


  1. Nice gallery! I didn't realize you had so much art in your house -where are you keeping it? Come on -post it for sale already!

    Of course, I already told you but my fav is the pumpkin. Maybe I was a pumpkin in a past life.


  2. That'll have to be the next meeting. Know you told me how to navigate this before, but, you know, I'm getting kinda old and ...

    - Barb


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