Thursday, November 4, 2010

Music of Your Life

I am enamored of music in so many different forms. There are a few that I truly cannot tolerate for they are no more music than is a jackhammer. But, as for the rest of the forms of melodic movement, I can listen across that spectrum. And enjoy.

A sight caught on the way into work Tuesday
For the last six months, I've only been able to receive one station at work. While I've listened avidly to this particular station for many years and find it to be the finest classic rock forum in the area, I started to realize that! I actually came to dislike a lot of the songs. My general sense of irritation when listening to Neil Young turned to an almost passionate hate. And, even if one loves Jimi Hendrix, he really doesn't do it for me at 10 in the morning.

I tried to listen to CDs, but found them to be limited also. I seem to need variety with my tunes, probably moreso than with any other part of my life. Sometimes I crave the adrenaline rush of a good bit of dance music or desire the meditative effects of classical strings. I long at times for the romantic rush of a love song and, at other times, wish for the drive from a solid Southern rock band.

A development in my musical tastes that I never would have anticipated is that I've fallen deeply in love with contemporary country music. It's reminiscent of the pop music of the '70's that I thrived on while growing up. It has drive in one song, and pure sweetness in another. It has grand orchestrations occasionally yet can bring laughter with certain differently styled pieces. It covers a lot of different bases in one genre.

And, while country music doesn't fulfill every niche of the musical world, it is nice to have the a bundle neatly wrapped and presented to you to enjoy. I still haven't quite figured out why, but I've noticed that this phenomenon of being a country music fan has overtaken several friends as well. Mike and I have joked that you know you've officially hit middle-age for certain when you start listening to country music and take up bowling. We did both when we turned 40. Hmmm...

By rearranging some items in my office, I was able to move my radio and have succeded in finding a country music station. Now I can listen to my "mix" of moods throughout the day comfortably.

Floating Across the Sky
 Of course, the real beauty of it is that now I can switch back to my classic rock station and enjoy stepping outside that comfortable mix much more now. Kind of sounds like the cycle of life, doesn't it?

Years of your youth are spent pushing the limits, trying all different types of things with full abandon, till the familiarity of the "different" thing bored you into moving onto the next new and exciting thing. The middle time of life is where the ease and convenience of day-to-day sameness is desired and enjoyment is found in the small undulations and changes. The rocking of your world is not a goal at this time.

Then you remember the years of youth when sameness had to be avoided at all costs and, while you have neither the wish nor energy to return to that intensity, you do wish for some change. That's when you gingerly (or perhaps boldly?) step out again.

And, that's a good thing. You should never be stuck listening to just one station in life. You should always explore the other frequencies. You should enjoy the music of life. Especially while you can still hear it!


Froggy's Excitement!

Froggy and I are excited that we are very likely to reach our goal of putting our Product Board and Contact pages up by the end of this week! The pages will provide samples of products, prices and specials as well as details on how to place orders with us at Bronson Hill Arts. Remember that the holidays are approaching and we may be able to help you with a unique gift for the special people in your life. And, while time may be limited to do that personalized item for Christmas, there will be pre-made prints available for shipment. Plus, don't forget Valentine's Day will be following quickly behind, so start planning that one-of-a-kind gift soon!


  1. Amen to both sameness and exploration! okay, I admit I am one of those friends who have taken up country music, but I did fight it. Now, I might briefly hear the music I used to listen to and cringe -much less haven't a clue as to what is being sung!

    I always thought I put deep thought into every facet of my life...then I read your posts. :-)

    But I like them, I like them alot. It gives me that brief moment to actually realize and accept (?) my creeping "middle-age" (ahhhhh!!!!!).

    Although I will say, at this point of my life, I have found the courage to stand out as an artist and not think of it the way I used to. I've embraced my artistic side and quite love it. Now I fight the everyday boredom with a "day" job...

    Time to go day dream a little..


  2. To be sung with a long, drawn-out twang ...

    Aerosmith cried, and wept out its soul,
    The day Barb and Mike went out for a stroll,
    And sang country tunes, and not rock 'n roll ...
    (They got home just in time to get ready to bowl ...)

    Love, Wiseass


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