Sunday, December 19, 2010

Remembering The Season

Still Smiling!
It’s been a long winter already in this part of the world. The sky has been spitting snow at us almost every day, the temperature is on vacation (somewhere warm, I’m guessing) and I think I’m ready to buy stock in windshield washer fluid.

Yet, it’s been a surprisingly pleasant season. Despite the irritations of the weather and legitimate fears about money this year, people have been, well, nice. Almost everyone has been talkative, sharing information and special finds at the stores. There have been smiles and laughter amongst strangers, often about the horrendous weather and lack of funds.

And Singing!
People have been looking other people in the eye and welcoming each other into their moments. Having worked in a mall setting for so many years, Mike and I have often experimented by trying to create eye contact with strangers. We’ve done this to find out if we could get people to smile. Our reason was simple: it makes the day better for not only us, but other people. It’s been a grand surprise to see this happening spontaneously for a change.

The last few days, though, I’ve been feeling a shift to the frantic. It’s even manifested itself in our own little world. The pressure of getting it all done is bearing down. 

The question that I force myself to face when this happens is, “Why does it all need to get done?”. Truly. It doesn’t.

Santa will get there one way...
Is your daughter really going to despise you if you don’t buy that huge curly ribbon for her gift? Is Aunt Martha really going to look at the top of the refrigerator and see the fine layer of dust? And, if she does, will she care? Don’t you feel, deep within your heart, that it’s better to spend the time with everyone, to share love and joy?

...or another!
So, take it easy on yourself this week. Life is too short. Relax, enjoy your loved ones, friends and, even, the people you meet when you’re out and about. You, and everyone else, will relish the wonderful, lingering feelings of the season longer than any gift you can purchase.

Just a peek at some "traditions" in our home, past through not-so-long-ago past:

Santa in the far past...

...and Santa in the near past.

One Grandma's Collection...

...of Mr. & Mrs. Claus...

...and another Grandma's Home for them to live in.

Keep the spirit, this week, and every week. Try to live by the Golden Rule.

Merry Christmas!

From the Deuels, by blood & marriage, past, present and, hopefully, future!


  1. I would have to agree. I don't think people are "that bad" this year. Although after reading your post and seeing your lovely photos I thought I'd try and get a picture or two of the Christmas tree and Santa at his desk painted ceramic pieces that my parents did way back when I was around 11-ish?

    The tree has taken it's toll over the years..a little glue here..a little there...but it still works. And I love the pieces of the past.


  2. Hello hello! Hope you had a lovely Xmas! I love to see this pictures! The snowmen are adorable!

    A smile is free and brighten up many people in an instant. AND it's pretty easy too! Unless you're the Grinch...let's not talk about that hehe.

    Take care & Happy New Year ^_^



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