Friday, December 17, 2010

A Winner Please?

I'm hoping it's because of the holiday rush and not because you don't like me any more, but the giveaway has been a bust.

I will be giving a print to Stephanie of Crystal Allure Handcrafted Jewelry. There have been a lot of pics she's admired so, unless she tells me otherwise, I'll pick one for her. I'm not telling her which one, but I have an idea of which one she might like best!

If you would like another try, Stephanie is offering a different giveaway of a lovely set of handpainted postcards at Crystal Allure Handcrafted Jewelry till December 21st. The cards were inspired by Stephanie's extensive support of transplant awareness. They are enclosed in a pretty handmade envelope as well.

One of the Postcards in the Giveaway

We'll try again in 2011 and hopefully, we'll get a better response at that time.

In the meantime, have a great Winter Solstice celebration, a merry Christmas and, always, a safe but enjoyable New Year Eve!


  1. I'm sure it's just the busy season. I have also noticed that Cactus Monday is very slow. Darn, I wish I knew about this, I would have thrown my name in.

  2. Giveaways can be tough sometimes. I think the time of year has something to do with people's attention being elsewhere!

    Thanks for the visit. I do love your fur family!

  3. Oh, thank you ladies! You're thoughtful comments gave me a boost I needed! Will definitely take a look again soon at running another giveaway. And will let you know directly, if you'd like.


  4. I'll make it three...this time of the year is very hectic for most people...often not visiting the blogs they usually do!!! For me my busy time has just ended and I like to visit to relax...

    I came over from Stephanie's blog...your butterfly cards are the idea of the painted wine glasses, it is such a wonderfully personal gift idea!

    Enjoy your weekend...

  5. Wahoo-wahoo! I won! This is the second thing I've won this month! I NEVER win anything! Hmm..maybe I'm on a streak? Should I buy a lottery ticket?! :-)

    Just the other day I received my Swarovski Elements prize..will get that pictured and posted soon. Okay...hmm...what to it all.

    Well, I'd have to choose Mike's birdie nest photo. Was a toss up between the sunflower and the birds. Both of which I think would look great with my newly painted country dining room. Can I pick the size? Had a spot in mind.

    Can't wait to get it! Thanks!!


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