Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finding Inspiration Everywhere

When first browsing through the wonderful world of blogs, I came across one called "100 Painting Challenge". I was immediately drawn in, watching over the days and months, as so many beautiful paintings were posted so frequently. At the time, I thought that there would be no way that I could produce 100 paintings in a year. I still don't feel that I'm there, but, I'm not as sure that it is beyond the realm of possibility now.

One of the artists, Teri C., is prolific. She works with so many different blogs and projects, she amazes me. And, she is incredibly supportive of artists across the spectrum. By following her activities I found Cactus Monday.

I've been attempting to join smaller, less-commitment laden "challenges" till I'm ready to take on a big, longterm challenge. This is my first try at Cactus Monday. It was taken from a photo of my sister-in-law's pride & joy Christmas Cactus. It's done with Sharpie marker on smooth Bristol paper 100#.

I like the effect of the marker on the Bristol paper, but, I didn't get quite the effect I wanted with the drawing itself, but, that's the point of these exercises: learning how to convey new ideas in new ways. I don't live in a part of the world that has cacti popping up wild and I can't honestly say that cacti are my favorite plants. That being said, this won't be my last attempt at Cactus Monday.

I want to find inspiration in as many unfamiliar places as I can. Where better to start than with something so alien in my world and life as a cactus?

So, thank you, Teri, and all other artists who promote and create these challenges. It's so nice to have my view expanded beyond the top of the hill!


Speaking of artisans who are taking on "challenges":

Check out Stephanie's work for a colors-of-fall challenge at Crystal Allure Jewelry Blog. The results were stunning! I'm partial to the trendy colors. Stephanie's work is so original and sophisticated that I'm sure you'll find something that you'll have to have! I know I have!

"Sparkling" is living the dream! After exhaustive work honing her wordsmithing craft, she is now spending time getting to know her town and her neighbors and being paid to write about it. With her infectious positivity, she always brings out the best in those lucky enough to encounter her. On the path to success, I just know it!

Christie has started her Etsy shop and wishes for great results are being sent her way! I just purchased one of her Valentine's Day cards, and it was so wonderful: the design, the packaging, the quality. You can visit her at Christie's Scribbles & StitchesI really think you'll love what you see. 

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  1. In the big picture of my business dream, I'd hire someone to be my social media contact and promoter. I've started in so many online forums/groups, but, due to other responsibilities end up abandoning my new found contacts cause I just don't have the time. (dream bubble here: have an online media promoter).

    I love your christmas cactus. If I had drawn it I can't say I'd have used red for the container because the flower tips were already fuchsia -but ya know -I'm NO artist by any stretch and it goes to show you what I know. Seeing your illustration -perfecto! It makes sense and it certainly tickles the senses with its' vibrant colors. Love it!

    And thanks for the shout out!


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