Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hey, That's My Name! IF "Dusty"

Lots of Fun with a Dusty Bottle!
Smooth Bristol Paper/Ink & Paint

The topic for this week at IF is "dusty". I'm very partial to the word.

A few years ago, I was tested for allergic triggers, because, obviously, I was having problems with reactions to almost everything. One of the conclusions was that I am allergic to a couple of the ingredients in hair dye.

This was a traumatic discovery. I had started turning gray when I was 28 and had been dying it ever since. I knew I was heavily gray under the color and dreaded letting it show. There's nothing as aging to a woman's appearance as gray hair.

With the help of a friend (who is also a masterful hair stylist), over about 2 years, the gray emerged, gracefully. I knew that it was permanent and, no matter how much I hated it, there was no realistic way of getting around it. Denial, rage, resignation, acceptance. I was grieving for my youthful-looking hair. Probably, for the youth in general, really.

About this time, I was becoming a texting fool and wanted a moniker that was me, but not ridiculous for a woman-of-a-certain-age. And, a song came to mind. It's called Dust On the Bottle. See where this is going? Here's the line that hit me:

"There might be a little dust on the bottle, but don't let it fool ya 'bout what's inside."

That was it; that was my needed, new handle. Dusty Bottle. It made gray hair fun. And a little saucy. Nothing wrong with a little saucy fun, ladies. Puts a bright twist on middle-age.

So, thank you, Illustration Friday, for the opportunity to illustrate my new nickname and to show how much fun a dusty bottle can be!


  1. I love your interpretation of dusty bottle...spiders...too creepy...but great illustration!

    Hey, look at it this way. Think of all the money you get to save on haircolor. Right?! LOL!

  2. I LOVE the blue (and white) details in this bottle. Kind of mosaic-y and pointillism-y (two new adjectives for ya!) at the same time, and very organic and delicious-looking. And the green top shimmers and looks ready to pop, or, to be happily plucked off. Glad I know the inside "contents"--glad I've known her for DECADES.

    Gray hair ... Hah! Enjoy it all the way!!! :o) Joan

  3. Gray can be a very beautiful color also!

  4. My grey is coming through all of a sudden. I've always been blonde, but middle age made my hair mousy. Blonde weaves were what I did for years until the bleach stripped my hair. Then I grew it out, went red for the past two years and loved it! Soft, glossy healthy hair again.

    But now I'm going to use this winter to let it all grow out to see just how grey I am. I'm thinking I might like it :)

    By the way, a bottle of wine in my house wouldn't have time to get dusty!

  5. Funny-my husband said the same thing about no dusty wine bottles in our home, too!

    Thank you for some positive reinforcement, ladies! Remember, soft light helps make the gray less noticable! ;~) So does wine!


  6. Just so y'all know--I wasn't making FUN of Barbara's gray. I AM GRAY :o)!!!
    Gray! Gray! Gray! Just ask her. I am the grayest thing going (and growing).
    And with the cold winter you're having up there, enjoy your wine!

  7. I doubt anyone thought you were being insulting, love. And you are my "gray" inspiration! And your mom. I always remember and loved her white hair. Just wish mine was white. Oh, well. Give it time. It will be!


  8. I love your drawing. It made me smile instantly. In terms of "aging", gray or dyed, here is my take on age:

    My conviction is 'wrinkled apples are the sweetest':)

    And here is a great quote by Andre Maurois, that I stumbled upon today: "Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy person has no time to form."

    With a smile, Monika

  9. i've been jokingly referring to myself as dusty bottle for a couple of years now (same inspiration). sometimes i tell people i'm an exotic dancer at geriatric facilities.


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