Monday, January 31, 2011

Ah, Home of My Heart!

I rediscovered a world that I had inhabited decades before like a bear in his den in winter. It has been there all these years just waiting for the prodigal daughter to wander back to her woods. And, I did. And I was enthralled once again, just as I had been way, way, way…well, you get the idea…back.

I rediscovered the public library.

Oh, Such Joy! Let's Frolic!
Spring from the Honey Bunnies Collection Notecards

It’s not a “wow” for everyone, but it always has been for me. My mother had taught me to read before I entered school and it’s been a passion ever since.

I lost the passion for a few years as it seemed I simply didn’t have the time to read. I got into a rut of buying my books because it could take me half a year to read one; I allotted no time for this undeniable pleasure. But it became a quandary as I went along because if I didn’t care for a book, I couldn’t bring myself to give up on it: it cost me money and I was going to get the whole product! That attitude cost me even more as I got bored with the stories and almost gave up on books completely.

My mom has been an avid reader and patron of her public library system for as long as I can remember. She kept after me to just follow her lead. I was concerned, though, that I would have all sorts of late fees and wouldn’t be able to get to the library with my schedule.

It dawned on me a couple of weeks ago that I drive right past our local branch 5 days a week…twice. The hours are great and renewal is simple. There went all my excuses! It was almost breath-taking stepping back into that world, into that part of my life again.

When something that’s an intricate part of who you are resurfaces after years of dormancy, there’s an actual sense of rebirth. It may not last long, nor make the rest of your life new again, but an invigorating moment like that can give you back a small amount of the joy just living can bring.

What Gifts Are Before You?
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What do you think would give you that sense of joy? Would you be able to reopen a chapter in your life that would have a positive effect on your current life? If so, why not do it? I’ll bet your excuses would be moot if you looked at it honestly. Don’t lose the parts of your life that make you happy. Keep them active and keep your being alive!


  1. What a wonderful blog you have and what fabulous paintings although I'm a bit down on rabbits at the moment as my garden is overrun with them and I appear to have the entire cast of 'Watership Down' on my lawn.
    My Mother is an avid reader, as am I. Luckily finding all these great blogs has cut down my book bills and I think I've probably read everything in the local library by now. (speed reader - it has it's downfalls!)
    I'm a great believer in doing what makes you happy.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this post and am off to read some others now and check out your gallery. I'm also following you so I don't miss out on anything.
    Lovely to 'meet you' - Sorry I didn't come by earlier to thank you for following my mad blog. It's been a little 'loopy' here the last few days. I hope you continue to enjoy your visits and look forward to reading more here too.
    Warm wishes

  2. Thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself, Carol! I've just had enough time to glance at your blog, but I had to follow as it looks like fabulous fun!


  3. Also, at the library, they usually have a used book section where you can get them for almost nothing. Then, you CAN take ten years to read them! :o)

  4. Besides the books,Yoga and Monthly Art Shows at my local library....why I don't use it is beyond me! Thanks for reminding me, I will have to stop by soon.


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