Monday, February 21, 2011

Giveaway: Celebration Time!

It's time for a GIVEAWAY! Friends & Fellow Fans of Life, as promised last week, BHA is introducing a new and fun personalized item which I'd love to share with all of you!

I few weeks ago, my friend and fellow artisan, Stephanie, of Crystal Allure Jewelry, asked me to design a custom gift tag for her niece, Nicole, for her upcoming 5th birthday. Stephanie had seen specialized gift tags at various places, but nothing handmade & personalized. Always in creative mode, she said, "How about...?"

So a handmade, personalized gift tag was born:

But before it was colored (Nicole loves pink & princesses), I kept a copy of the sketch with the thought that future tags can be custom colored in addition to custom lettered.

And what about a boy? Thus, an all-boy themed tag was added to keep our "princess" company.

Any theme should be able to be designed. Color combinations can be selected. Sizes between 2x3 to 3.5 x 5.5 can be specified.

The price would start at $5 plus shipping. Size and complexity of the tag  and design will influence the final cost. I'll be more than happy to put together a quote for you. A 3-week time frame should be given for design, execution and shipping.

The tags are printed on pastel-colored cardstock 110# (color would be determined by the design), inked in permanent marker, lettered & decorated with quality scrapbooking stickers.
Tags will be packaged in acid-free cello from Bronson Hill Arts.

The rules for the giveaway are simple:

1. Leave a comment telling us something great about your life today. If you wish, you can leave your message anonymously, but be sure to e-mail your info so you can be entered to win!

2. Get an extra entry if you sign up on BHA's RSS feed.

3. Get another entry if you leave a (nice or neutral) comment on any of our pieces on  Flickr and/or Etsy. You can  access either from the sidebar of this blog. Double/right-click the Flickr Slideshow and/or the Etsy banner.

4. Let me know for what occassion you would want a gift tag. If you're suggestion is drawn, I'd verify your "request" before a design was started.

A winner will be drawn on Monday, the 28th of February.

So, thank you for participating and good luck!


And, check out Cactus Monday while you're visiting Flickr. Yes, I have a painting posted, but, there is just such cool stuff from everyone!

Sedona Cactus ©2011
 General's Kimberly Watercolor Pencil on 90# Canson Watercolor Paper

Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Hmmm ... something great about my life today. Well, I just woke up, and that's pretty great. I woke up with a cat on top of me ... also great, if somewhat noisy and persnickety. In fact, that's why I woke up. But, it's great.

    Let's see ... there's water boiling for coffee now. Great! And soon a bowl of creamy buckwheat with molasses. Yum. And great.

    The dishwasher suffered a freak accident a couple of weeks ago resulting in two holes in the bottom, but yesterday I applied a special marine-grade sealant and it looks to have worked. Savings: $500 (minus $17 for the sealant). Great by me, that $17.

    I let my oil tank drop below even the ability of the floater gauge to be visible (bad thing to do ... very very bad). But it was only one night spent sleeping with a space heater and a hat and the delivery came yesterday and nothing was damaged. Great. (Won't mention the oil bill ... it could ruin this happy ramble.).

    The sky has a silver blue quality today, and the sun will shine in it. Great.

    You are my friend. (SUPER great!!!).

    I'm not all out for now, but the coffee is calling ...

    Great. :o)

  2. Hubby is doing the hoovering and I am finally allowed to go blog hopping - that's what's great about today for me:)
    Love the cactus painting. Very nice indeed.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing some sunshine with us, ladies! It's always a happy day when I hear from Fellow Fans of Life!



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