Monday, February 7, 2011

It Can Be Done!

I was born a bull. Yes, a Taurus (though, now I’ve no clue what sign I am since that new sign has been introduced and skewered the entire alignment). I believe in quite a few different forces moving through the universe that do influence all things. The horoscope has always been a decent starting point, I thought, for personal awareness, but not complete definition of self.

When I was younger, I had about half the traits of the sign. I hadn’t discovered gardening or cooking yet, but I always loved art and music. And the stubbornness…well, yes, I am definitely stubborn. Was then, am now.

There’s a negative connotation to being stubborn. I don’t buy it, though. Determination can be a synonym for stubborn. And determination sometimes is the only thing that gets us through the day or tough times. (Really. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!)

To Sing at the Met Someday!
Illustration from ©"The Adventures of Little Blaze Berner, Oh, Dear"
by Fred & Kathy Fierthaler

At the age I and my friends are, it is pure determination that drives us. Starting new ventures, taking our hobbies and attempting to make them our businesses. Keeping our balance between two generations that need us more as each day passes, our parents and our kids. Controlling our environments enough to be able to still enjoy our significant others, making time for our friends.

When youth is ours, so is immortality. There is an endless amount of time to do everything, sometime down the line. There’s always the future. We spend that youth creating careers, children; building homes and happiness for all. The next thing we notice is that the infinite allotment of time is running low. And there is still so much to do yet.
Just Another Day of Chaos!
Illustration from ©"The Adventures of Little Blaze Berner, Oh, Dear" by Fred & Kathy Fierthaler
The temptation is to just stretch out on the couch, pick up the remote, and zone out of reality. But we are… determined. This is our time. We’ve earned it. And we’re going to use it. Using it to our advantage often enables us to give more than we thought we ever had, back to those we love and who love us.

Oh, to be able to be so lazy...
Illustration from ©"The Adventures of Fuzzy & Kumquat:The Tree House" by Fred & Kathy Fierthaler

Our determination can bring the world to us. Then we can give the world back all the talents we’ve set aside all these years.

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  1. S t r e t c h . . . . . o u t . . . . . o n . . . . . t h e . . . . . COUCH! Pickuptheremote! zooooooooonnnnne out of (?) reality ...

    Yes! Your blog has (inadvertently) set my itinerary for this evening :o).

    After which, I shall rise again and resume my consuming mission to live a meaningful life.

    A happy weekend to all, and to all, a good couch!

    :o) Joan


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