Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Magical Musical Memories

Of course, I never thought my music would be the core programming on an oldies station. None of us ever do. If my music is considered an “oldie”, then that means, I might be considered-yipes! - an “oldie”, too!

Ice Fog #1
©2011 BE Deuel

I was, oddly, very saddened a couple of weeks ago when Phil Collins, icon of the 1980s music world, announced that he was retiring. Retiring! Rock stars never retire! If he’s old enough to retire, that means, well, that “old” thing could apply to me again! But he is. What I think truly makes me sad, though, is that I have some incredibly wonderful memories connected specifically to Phil and his years leading Genesis. And if he is no longer in the picture, per se, it lessens some of the happiness of those memories. At least, initially, that’s how it feels to me.

And those memories are important. I don’t know about you, but don’t you almost time-travel when you hear the songs from your youth?

The same can be said listening to Phil’s “Man on the Corner”: I can see and hear him performing that piece at the Nassau Coliseum in November, 1981. I’m there and I’m 19 in my heart and mind again. “In the Air Tonight” always conjures a vision of a ’64 Mustang and a recording of the drum riff, about 18 times consecutively, played on the installed tape player. And, my best friend from those days is right there again with me.
Ice Fog #2
©2011 BE Deuel

There are a lot of other memories attached to not only Phil, but to other random artists and songs. When I hear a certain Glenn Miller song (yes, he’s really more my parents’ memory, but we were musically without prejudice), I am transported to a then-earth-shattering first kiss at a friend’s birthday party. The truly intriguing part of this is that I can actually feel the sensations of that moment when I hear that tune. And the last “first kiss” memory can still electrify me when I hear “Thrill Me”.  Whew! Just thinking about that last song gets the current going!

Songs can bring me sad memories, too. But it’s not quite the same. It evokes sadness and, possibly, tears. I just never feel as if I’m back in the moment, though. I’m not sure why; it just is. It might be that happy memories create lightness in the soul that allows the sensations of time-travel to pour through. Sadness drags a heart down, like quicksand can.

But often those sad thoughts turn to thoughts of loved ones past. And that can be wonderful in so many ways, too.
Ice Fog #3
©2011 BE Deuel

Music can be magical. It can revive your heart, keep your thoughts tender, and, best of all, bring a bit of your youth back to you. Isn’t it great? While Phil may not produce any new works now that he’s physically retired, he will never really be gone. Just like memories. Might not remember where I left the keys an hour ago, but I will always remember-and feel- that night at the Coliseum.

Looking everywhere at no one,
He sees everything and nothing at all-
When he shouts, nobody listens;
Where he leads, no one will go.

He's a lonely man, there on the corner.
What he's waiting for, I don't know.
But he waits everyday now,
And he's just waiting for something to show.

Nobody knows him,
and nobody cares,
'Cause there's no hiding place.
There's no hiding place- for you and me.  -Phil Collins


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