Sunday, April 24, 2011

IF Bicycle

Garden Bicycle
for Illustation Friday
Permanent Marker on 6x6 Smooth Bristol
Here in lovely Western New York, we have been (not-so-patiently) awaiting the arrival of spring. As of about 7 days ago, it's been cold and, yes, snowy. When I wrote about the stages of winter snow in December, I really had no idea that I would still be writing about snow on Easter.

As I'm not particularly adept at drawing mechanical subjects, like bicycles, I needed to include something else. Flowers have been the images that occupy my mind lately. So, it's really a picture of flowery colors with a bicycle snuck into it. Or, is the bicycle really superfluous? Hmmm...

The itch to get into the garden has been almost unbearable. I say "almost" as I am still in enough organizational turmoil, that I really wouldn't have the time to effectively tackle the gardens yet. It's really the yearning for spring, and color, and warmth that's causing the itch.

Although, it may even be a reflection of  the desire for a definitive fresh start. A move forward into a different world.

Flowers are the epitomy of change and continual growth. That is probably why we crave their presence in our world. Sometimes it's the surprise of finding that unexpected bloom peeking up at you. Or perhaps, it's the joy of seeing all the work you've put into a garden acheive the glory you intended. At times, we have to put an intensive amount of love and labor into our flowers, and, other times, we can just step back and let them do what they do. Flowers represent harmony, brightness, form, and spontaneity. They demand attention and provide peace. All the basic elements of life are represented by flowers.

How would this tie into a bicycle? Obviously, from an aesthetic standpoint, it's not uncommon to see an old bicycle artistically used as a prop in a pretty bed of plants. But how else might it be connected?

This quote came to me twice this past week. The second time was when Penelope announced the topic of "Bicycle" at Illo Friday. The first time, though, it was sent to me by my intellectual muse and "oldest" fan. We were discussing taking on new challenges and some of the opportunities that have been coming our ways as of late. The quote was:

Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein.

Flowers and bicycles: both symbols of newness and continual change? Maybe a stretch, but I like it.

Time to hop on that bike and check out the scenery!


  1. Oh, but for a lovely spring bike ride, basking in the wondrous colors... thanks for the inspirations.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and joining me in some reveries of spring!


  3. Really pretty and I love all your flower pictures too!


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