Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hardy Determination

It's the fourth of May and it was 46 degrees and raining. There is a certain sogginess of spirit seeping through our collective soul. We've seen, perhaps, a day and a half of sunshine in weeks. We're drenched, physically and emotionally.

Unlike plants, our growth and expression, though, is not dependent on factors such as sunshine and warmth. If that were so, our minds and talents would lay dormant a great deal of the time. Yet, we are drowning in desire for a true spring to save us, while the plants have pushed forward in spite of the adversity presented by the weather.

Hya Cynth!

The Neighbors Say "Hy!", too

Stretching Before Our Tulips Pucker to
Kiss the Sky...
Royal Carpet Laid Out for Spring's Arrival

Myrtle's creeping up to visit you

Peonies Poking Purple Past the Pope's Peons

Coral's Bells Are Ringing!

And the Only Basket of Gold We've Found So Far...
But We Always Keep Searching!

Dance of the Daffodils
Bowing with Grace Into the Wind


Grounded Grapes

Spring Peeping Over the Horizon

A Sneak Peek Up Close

Enough said.

To those who've watched their worlds and more blow away, please hold onto the hope for tomorrow.

Keep searching for the gold.


  1. Really like the photos of your flowers and hope better weather is on its way to you.

  2. My yard is bursting with color, mostly roses.... even though we have been oscillating between record cold days and record warm days.


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