Saturday, June 4, 2011

IF Shadows: Stepping Out

Dancing in the Shadows (B&W)
8x10 Permanent Marker
©BEDeuel 2010
A few years back, the middle daughter discovered the art of the Sharpie. She took any image that she liked, copied it and colored it in Sharpie, or permanent marker. She would (and still will) illustrate anything, including canvas shoes.

It was not, per se, something that I thought I'd enjoy doing myself. Until I saw an intriguing magazine cover.

The motion and colors of the dancers in the heavy shadows drew me into the scene. The intensity was there to be captured again, in a different medium.

So, I tried: Sharpies!

Dancers In the Shadows (Original)
©BEDeuel 2010
The uneven application of color detracts from the effect I was attempting to recreate. It was done on a mediocre paper and it shows.  I also, at that time, had a limited palette to work from so some of the coloring had to be improvised to a degree.

When the topic of "Shadow" was presented this week for Illo Friday, I had half-a-dozen different ideas, but stumbled across this picture in it's original form and decided to try it in a B&W effect.

And, I like it. Almost better than the original. Funny how that can happen at times, isn't it?

Since I did this sketch, I've done a great deal more with permanent markers. I've decided I like those, too. And, in working with markers, I started expanding into several different mediums I'd never thought I'd be interested in trying.

It's a series of links, like so many things in life. You're introduced to something different from the rest of your everyday world. You decide you like it, you decide to pursue it. It can lead to other new and interesting things. Some of those things you might like, others, not so much. Usually the positives outweigh the negatives, though, so the flow of new things into your world can be so exciting and energizing.

Embrace it, follow the flow wherever it goes and enjoy the results! Some of the most beautiful, yet unexpected, things can emerge from the shadows if you let them.


  1. I think you have done a brilliant job with the sharpie.

  2. Thank you, Ann. Sometimes it helps to have another point of view, because, as humans, we tend to be very self-critical.

    Have a wonderful week!



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