Sunday, June 19, 2011

Launch! Illustration Friday

Summer Launch
5x5 Permanent Marker
©2011 BEDeuel
We've had a short, slightly volatile, but beautiful spring since the rain stopped about 4 weeks ago here in Western New York.

As a result, the windows have been ajar on a regular basis. And, no matter the presence of screens, there are always flying visitors in the house. For the most part, as long as they don't bite, get into food or dart around our faces, we don't make a big deal about them.

What the moths and gnats don't realize is that by entering the home of the ever-entertaining Mickey, they are likely to become toys.

Mickey on Watch

They're actually fairly safe. He is not a very successful hunter, which makes him all the more fortunate that I fell in love with him at first glance. We are convinced that he would starve on his own. But, he does like to play at being a Great and Mighty Hunter.

He'll leap and bat at anything that buzzes him. The first couple of years were a bit unnerving: I wasn't sure my home furnishings were going to survive this guy. I do know that the insects survive him just fine, though!

So, of course, he is the inspiration for this week's Illustration Friday topic of "Launch". He is constantly launching off of anything he can manage.

In honor of this moment of inspiration, I dedicate this IF sketch to my Great and Mighty Hunter, Mickey and the coming of a long, and buggy, summer for his unending entertainment. And mine.

What Your Cat Really Thinks of You...Well, Only at Dinnertime. Maybe.

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  1. Really like your painting of Mickey, you've captured the movement well. I tried submitting to IF once, but can't get the thumbnail small enough and had to give up:( Happy painting, ann:)


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