Sunday, July 10, 2011

Helping Hands and Hearts

Last week, I blogged about the first art show I’ve entered as a working adult. The show opened on Friday. I wish I could say, “Wow! It was everything I’d hoped it’d be!”. It wasn’t at all.
Enjoying a moment...

The display of the artwork was done very nicely, I will say. I suppose I was expecting some greeters who would introduce some of the artists and viewers to the art and to each other. But, being a volunteer organization the manpower may not have been available (though I was available that day…). The real heartbreaker was personal, though. My name and pieces were completely left out of the program. And, from what we could determine, it was only me. Plus my middle initial changed to "A" from "E". As I was upset, I missed out on what I’d be anticipating to be the best part of the whole experience: connecting with other art lovers. It had been a wonderful week in that regard up till then.

Not surprisingly, I heard such encouragement from our fellow bloggers and blogging artisans. That was the start. Friends and family, always there, always positive. 
Picnic In the Park 2011
Photo by Howard Owens

 I’d received an invitation to show at Batavia’s Picnic in the Park on July 4th. I had passed simply because I am still building a portfolio and inventory off of those items. I wouldn’t have enough to show yet. But I went to see what it was about to see if it’s something I want to do next year. (And, yes, I do. Hopefully I’ll get another invitation!)

While I was there I ran into another artist I’d met in a completely different setting about a year ago, Sharon Jenke Long, who does amazing portrait work. Chatting with her for a bit, she encouraged me to “just keep drawing” and it’ll happen.

At another booth, I met an artist who’s work I’d never seen, nor had I seen anything like it, Bridgette Paddock of gave me information on merchandising and printing I doubt I ever would’ve found on my own. It was a wonderful experience and a wonderful day.
An Artist at Work: Sharon at Picnic In the Park
Photo by Howard Owens
After Friday's art show reception, we wandered out to the Geneseo Rotary Summer Festival and came across more artisans. The connections were easy, the help flowing. It brought my mood around, made the day bright again.

Oddly, for a field with so many potential competitors, most artists are remarkably helpful and appreciative of each others endeavors.

And this is what needs to be held close. Not the administrative glitches, not the oversights. The people sharing themselves with others. Maybe the disappointment gave me a very important reminder of that priority.

Geneseo Rotary Summer Festival 2011 Craft Booths
Photo by Dick Gallivan


Speaking of sharing:

This past autumn at my friend Stephanie’s annual wine party, I found that her brother-in-law, Rick, has a very talented artist for a sister. Her name is Debbie Bender, and she is an incredibly talented portrait artist. She also does landscapes and other things that strike your fancy.

Debbie’s attention to both detail and spirit brings it all to life. Check out her website at and enjoy! Drop her a line, too, if you like her work as much as I do!

Bassett Hound
A Face You Can't Resist
©Debbie Bender



  1. I'm sorry that the art show didn't turn out as well as you had hoped. It certainly is due to a lack of talent on your part though. Your work is very good, I loved seeing your paintings. It's part of an artists life (all types of work) try and try again. Rejection is unfortunately part of the mix, but I guess in the big picture, it keeps us striving to be our best.

    Many hugs and a good week to you, G

  2. So sorry things didn't work out quite how you expected...I've had similar in the past. Your paintings look wonderful by the way.

  3. Sorry things did not work out well with the show... but how great it must have been to visit with the artisans after in the other locales. Keep on drawing, keep on hoping and sharing. Your work is truly inspirational.

  4. I just re-read my comment above, oops, that's not what I intended to type in the second sentence, I hope that's clear from the rest of the comment. It is certainly NOT due to a lack of what I meant, you have lots of talent and your work is very good. Sorry about that, I'm glad I stopped in to correct this. I visit so many blogs, sometimes the typing goes askew....

    Hugs, G :<)


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