Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A New Twist!

Several weeks ago, I was showing a co-worker this blog. In scrolling through it, the Flights of Life Butterfly Note Cards  caught her attention.

Her daughter is getting married in October this year and her shower is in September. My co-worker had been searching for the “right” card for the invitations. Her daughter loves butterflies which hold a special meaning for her and her father. The moment brought the two ideas together for my co-worker.

She and her husband looked over the Flights of Life Collection and selected one particular design. Coincidentally, they picked my favorite design.

She gave me the wording she wanted as well as the font and color that fit the theme of the wedding. I worked up a sample and the result fit her conception perfectly! I think there was a tear involved, but that has to be credited to a mother's moment of sentiment.

Below is a modified image of the resulting invitation. The names and location have been altered for the privacy of the parties involved.

Bridal Shower Invitation Personalized on
A Flights of Life Collection Note Card
©2010 BEDeuel

It was a wonderful experience putting the two ideas together. I would love to do it again! And to top it all off, a donation was created to be sent to the Lungs for Life Foundation, for transplant awareness!

Sometimes it's difficult to find a new way to approach an existing situation. Other times that new idea is just given to you. Hopefully, we’re always open to the possibilities presented.


  1. Isn't it great doing custom orders -it really makes the item personal. I think using your flights of life butterfly cards for a shower/wedding is a GREAT idea! Thanks for sharing the finished product.

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