Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Long Week in a Short Summer

A common theme seems to be occupying my thoughts lately: Things we cannot control in our worlds and the anxiety it can cause.

The predominant problem in that arena is the havoc that Irene is creating along the east coast. I have friends who have been evacuated and are in a worrisome state over their homes and possessions, things that represent their lives. They're understandably concerned about the damage that will have to be dealt with once the storm has passed.

No matter how often anyone can say to them that there is no point  in fretting about possible problems that may or may not come to be, they will be fretting. There's no turning it off no matter how hard they try.

After these monumental events, the small worries pale dramatically. The hassles of vacation that diminish the fun of vacations. The frustrations of too much rain and too much heat in too short a time that stunts the growth of the gardens. The difficulties of finding the time to do the things that bring pleasure to your life.

These are minor problems that really are not worth the worry we put into them.

Wish that were true of the worries the people living through this storm have.

But, while we can't do a thing about the effects that Irene will have on our material world, we can pray for the safety of those enduring it.

And, we do.

Just some reminders that no matter how badly things seem to be, there is still beauty in the simplest things:



Enjoy everything!


  1. So true. I hope your friends have been okay after the storm. Love your photographs those flowers are so pretty.

  2. A beautiful post and what you say is so true. The little things will sort themselves out in life, we need to keep our strength and reserves to handle the real issues (like Irene) when they come up. Hope the worst is over for those affected by this storm.

  3. Thank you for your post. You are a loving soul. Each good intention counts.

  4. Ohhhh I LOVE your blog changes! Very fall like! And love your garden're probably glad you got your camera back, huh?! lol.

    Hope the family is all okay.


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