Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Some Coloring Fun

With fall pretty much parked outside the house, I've found a little more (not a lot of) time to hit the studio. Also, I'm trying to rest my left wrist a bit, to ease up a chronic case of tendonitis, so the keyboard is on light duty right now.

So just a quick blog to share the newest ones:

White Tanks Waterfall
5x7 Watersoluble Oils
©2011 BEDeuel 

Reaching #1
4x6 Watercolor on 140# Paper
©2011 BEDeuel

Reaching #2
4x6 Watercolor on 140# Paper
©2011 BEDeuel
These last 2 have been submitted to Teri for the Twenty Minute Challenge, which I enjoyed trying, immensely. Same reference photo, 2 different takes on it in 2 separate 20-minute blocks.

Check out the TMC at  http://twentyminutechallenge.blogspot.com/ !

Let me know what you think!


A while back, I posted about personalized notecards that I did for a lovely young woman's bridal shower. Her wonderful mother took the design one step further and had the bakery recreate it for the cake for her shower!

I think it worked very well!

Hope this post finds you and yours safe and secure and finding time to enjoy each other!


  1. Hi, sorry to read about your wrist trouble...that must give you so many problems, but saying that you have done some lovely paintings. I especially like the oil White Tanks Waterfall. How nice that somebody went ahead with your design of card and used it for a cake....good for you:)

  2. the waterfall paintins is awesome :D


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