Sunday, October 2, 2011

IF Hibernate

4x6 Water Soluble Pencil on 140# Coldpress Paper
©2011 BEDeuel

With the topic at Illustration Friday being "Hibernation" this week, it was too easy to think of cold and lots of protection in which to hide from it. And with the thought of cold, as well as the arrival this week of actual cold weather, it was bound to make me realize something:

It's official: the shortest summer (that I can remember) is over.

In some ways, it's good. In other ways, it's not.

Let me start with the "not" list.

The days are short. The temperature is very fickle, making it difficult to decide how much to wear at any given minute. The gardens and trees are fading. And, the worst, winter is coming up fast and furious. Indoor confinement and difficult travel lay ahead.

The good?

The shorter days make it easier to settle in earlier in the day. It feels good to put on some clothing that is soft and comfy, instead of trying to strip down to the bare basics without being arrested. Once the gardens are done, the workload is cut in half with only the house needing to be tended. The trees will turn gorgeous with vibrant colors to fill the heart with wonder and an urgency to appreciate the quick passing of time.

Winter, though, how can that be good? Unless you're a skier, snowmobiler, or general winter-sports fanatic, what fun is winter?

The fun is the excuse to use the fireplace and snuggle with whatever pleases you, be it a fuzzy blanket, a loving pet, or your best friend and lover. The fun is making sinfully indulgent comfort foods and drinking hot chocolate on a daily basis. The fun is watching the first flakes land and change the world before your eyes. The fun is knowing that there will be another spring in which to enjoy so many other pleasures of living.

With the change of the seasons coming around again, make some fun with it. Take a moment to realize it can all be good.

Here's hoping it is and will be all good for you!


  1. That's a great painting for the IF topic - good job.

  2. Living in So. California has made it difficult for me to 'recognize' the coming of winter. I grew up in the four seasons, welcoming each with its own kind of joy. Now they all seem to blend in much the same light. Its actually become rather boring.

  3. A friend once pointed out that the so-called "down" months of January through March are actually quite wonderful. There are no holiday pressures and nothing outside (like weeds, painting, etc.) to call you into obligatory action. Just nest, hibernate, and take care of your soul.

    I've looked forward to these months ever since. Quiet days and nights of hot mugs, the favorite quilt, and the hug of silence.

    The drawing is great--all those vibrant colors, and so soft and fluffy!

  4. Cracking drawing indeed! Anything warm and wintery is a winner with me!


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