Saturday, January 28, 2012

IF Forward

6x9 Water Color Paint, Acrylic Interference Paint & Water Soluble Pencil on 140# Watercolor Paper
©2012 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts
The Illustration Friday topic this week is "Forward". This painting depicts so many moves forward it couldn't not be used for this week.

Late last year, I was "refreshing" the decor in my house; changing wall hangings, curtains, table dressings, knicknacks, etc. One of the things I had in mind for my bath was to find a round wallhanging of Koi to offset the larger, rectangular print I already had. Do you think I could find a Koi image that would work? No. Of course not. Next year, I'll be tripping over them in every store into which I walk. That's how it always works for me. You, too, probably!

In the meantime, though, I guess that means it's time to learn how to paint Koi. So here is the first step. Painting fish. Not really my area of interest, but, it's time to go, as the cliche says, outside my comfort zone. Moving forward.

Unfortunately, the second indication of moving forward doesn't translate with the image you're viewing here.

A while ago, a beautiful, dear friend of mine was cleaning out her overstock of painting supplies and was good enough to send me some acrylic interference paints. I'd never even heard of them, much less used them. The paints add gloss and sparkle over an image. The picture becomes almost reflective. Sadly, you'll just have to take my word for it, that it looks fantastic on this piece. A gold interference paint on the fish, red violet on the lily pads, and blue over the water.

A new media was incorporated over a familar one. Now I just need to figure how to get a  photographic shot that shows it!

And, lastly, the movement forward has nothing to do with me: it's just the Koi moving, well, forward!

Waiting for the Zen? Here it is: like Koi, we have to keep moving forward, my friends, or else, what's the point? You can stand still, but the view can become stagnant. You can look backwards and enjoy the memory, but you can't live your life with your head buried in the past. Yep. Forward is good.

A reminder! Leave me a comment describing what you love about your sweetheart by tomorrow night! The best love song, if you will, wins! And, again, if you don't have a sweetheart, just let us know what you know love about Life!

The winner gets their choice of a handpainted bud vase or hurricane-style candle holder! See my previous post for the pictures of the bud vases!


  1. Great post about moving forward. Can't find koi? DIY! A great start!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! To me, they look a little like a cross between eels and sea lions! Will keep trying, though. :)


  2. What I love most about my sweetheart is that he loves me for who I am and doesn't try to change me. He lives me when I am mad and loves me when I am sad. He is truly the best thing that ever happened to me and I am glad he picked me to spend the rest of his life with.
    (This was taken from a Facebook entry)-

    -Chris W.

  3. Okay Koi are just not easy to paint...for one thing they keep moving about and submerging and another they shimmer, so well done. The vases are divine. I think they look beautiful and being a type of magpie character I want one because they are shiny!
    My sweetheart is obviously Hubby and I love lots of things about him but most of all I love his wicked sense of humour which keeps me young, happy and laughing at life when things get me down. He is my strength, and he doesn't know it but also my guide. I couldn't be without don't you dare tell him or he'll smirk!
    Keep up the wonderful painting..I am envious of your talent. If i drew a fish of any description it would resemble a wombat!
    Carol XX

  4. PS am tweeting, facebooking and googling this so others can come and see your talent!


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