Saturday, January 7, 2012

IF Grounded

Grounded on a Rubber Sole
4x6 Watersoluble Pencil on 120# Paper
©2012 BE Deuel Bronson Hill Arts

“Grounded“. It’s one of those words that can mean so many different things.

In the mundane aspect, it can refer to the design of an electrical plug or the purpose of a lightning rod. In a child’s/teenager’s life, it can mean the end of the world; at least in the short run, which can seem like forever for them. In relation to the metaphysical, it can mean being well-adjusted and able to deal with reality.

Do I consider myself a grounded person? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I’ve worked relatively steadily since I was 16, keep a decent home, support and love my family and friends. I can be so insanely realistic at times that I can irritate others with my apparent “negativity”. There is quite a bit of evidence that I am well-grounded.

But, even at that, I still dream dreams that aren’t practical. I would love to have an animal foster home and a fulltime art business. I have always wanted to write a book. It would be incredible to spend 6 months in an RV with my husband exploring the U.S. with cameras and canvas in hand!

On a smaller scale, I would be thrilled to have enough time to sleep and read in the hammock every spring, summer and fall day. Oh, actually, that would include the dream of being able to afford to hire someone to clean my house and weed my gardens! I would enjoy sampling a meal in every restaurant and diner in this area that we live in and anywhere else we‘d fancy.

I suppose what makes me a “grounded” person is that I know that the odds are that these dreams are, most likely, not going to happen in this incarnation. But what makes me happy, is still be able to enjoy those dreams and the reaching for those goals.

Yes, grounded is good, but happy is better.


  1. Love this little shoe. Best wishes 2012

  2. Thanks, Debbie! Feels good already just getting back into the blogging community! Happy 2012 to you, too!


  3. And being grounded also means knowing when to walk in the mundane world, and when to spend some time on dreams, which everybody needs. to be "real" with yourself and those around you, to share love and joy, and help when help is needed.
    Love you!


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