Monday, January 2, 2012

IF Highlight(s) In 2012!

Highlight(s) for IF
6x6 Permanent Marker on Smooth Bristol

Recently, I was feeling like I was in a deep funk. Life's been ridiculously chaotic and full of petty annoyances from petty people. It was definitely getting to me.

While I'm not usually a cosmetic person, the thought of dying my hair again was appealing. Maybe it was just that I needed a different view when I looked in the mirror. My face showed every stress very clearly. I thought maybe a little color framing it would give it the perk up that my emotions couldn't.

And, honestly, I'm glad I've done it.

Has it changed the existence of the problems in my world? No. Does it really take years away from my appearance? No. Has it made the world a nicer place? No, not at all.

But I think I look brighter (physically, that is!) and I do feel lighter. Maybe even a little bit sparkly!

So, here's to a little thing that's made the start of the 2012 a little nicer for me.

Hopefully, you're doing something nice for yourself to start the new year and continue to do it throughout the year!

I was going through a very old portfolio and came across a couple of pieces that I just love.

The Bette Davis portrait I did, as I remember, in my senior year of high school, back, well, a few decades ago. It's done in a pointillism style with ink. You can actually see where it was damaged at one time across the upper lip. But, I just couldn't part with it.

The other piece was a "doodle" of sorts. About 3 years out of high school, I had the luxury of having a ton of time to experiment with all sorts of artwork styles and designs. This picture of the Enchanted Crone is done in ballpoint pen, both black and blue. It was something that had flowed very easily and, again, I was thrilled with the results.

These pictures are reminders that every pursuit will have successful moments.

But that the time has to be invested in those pursuits to achieve those successes.

Like all new years past, I'm sure you've made your resolutions, which as we all know, are easy to keep for the first couple of weeks. It's the later weeks when it gets tough to keep your promises to yourself.

Don't overwhelm yourself with trying to succeed unendingly. Work at it patiently and success will happen, maybe in a small way to start, but all the same!

Enjoy everything you choose to undertake in 2012! This month, next month, and every month that follows!

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