Friday, January 20, 2012

IF Twirl: WhirlyGigs

Twirly-Whirly Gigs
Computer Graphic
©2012 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts
When the new IF topic,Twirl, came out today, a few things came to mind: the new Geico ad with the zip-line-riding pig holding his pinwheels; the beautiful swirling garden art my brother-in-law gave me a couple Christmases ago; my first illustrations of ©Little Blaze Berner  doing her hip-hop twirling dance.

But the strongest image I had was of maple seeds. They have many nicknames such as hellee-copters, propellers, Pinocchio noses and, my favorite, whirlygigs.

I’m not sure if anyone else refers to them as whirlygigs, but in my mind, that’s what I’ve always called the seeds. And, it’s a nice, uplifting childhood memory for me: catching whirlygigs, or just scooping them off the lawn, splitting the pod and removing the seed, then sticking them on my nose.

So, here I had this warm, fuzzy memory that I wanted to illustrate, but I couldn’t think of how I wanted to illustrate it. It’s been a long, and unproductive week, so I didn’t have a lot of ambition to put much into an illustration. Colored pencil would be the nicest way, but I had just finished a colored pencil piece which left me indifferent to doing it again. Anything else would‘ve felt like work, not fun. And, let’s face it, illustrating whirlygigs should only be fun!

A young lady I’ve met recently introduced me to her graphic illustration work(check out her work at; don't be put off by the service's name as hers is mostly fantasy artwork). And while there is probably no way in this lifetime that I’ll ever master Photoshop-like artwork as well as she and her generation have, the thought of it intrigues me.

Then it hit me: I’d only done a couple of illustrations on the Paint program so why not try to meld my warm fuzzy with a newer way of illustration?

So this is my clumsy way of uniting a fun and modern art technique with old-fashioned, naturally-inspired fun. It’s certainly not high art, nor is it even good graphic art, but it was enjoyable doing it.

Kind of like sticking whirlygigs on your nose!


  1. Computer graphics are beyond me, but you have very successfully painted a great picture.

  2. Thanks, Ann, as always, for your support. It was fun to do as well as a bit challenging!



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