Saturday, February 11, 2012

IF Popular

Uh-Oh: Popular
Permanent Marker on 6x6 120# Smooth Bristol
©2012 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts
I had the pleasure of gathering with the girlfriends for lunch today. One of the ladies related her latest adventure with her new-ish-ly adopted cats, 2 beautiful torties, and her beta fish. Yep, the kitties are fascinated with the fish and have been very creative in trying to "catch" a meal. Thus, the inspiration for this very quick sketch for Illustration Friday.

I know all of us can emphasize with this fish: feeling like the outside world is encroaching on our own private nook. What options do we have except to watch helplessly? It can be overwhelming and, sometimes, frightening.

Sometimes all we can do is what this little goldfish is doing: looking the threat in the eye and holding his head up, perhaps, preparing to go head-to-head with the imminent danger. Or, perhaps, getting ready to dive deeper into safety.

Whatever defenses we have to stave off personal disasters, the ability to rally, quietly or defiantly, is amazing. We do get through the crises to face another day. There is no right way or wrong way to muddle our way through these inevitable aspects of life. The only way is the way that works for us as individuals.

So, next time you feel like you're trapped in a goldfish bowl, trust your instincts. You'll be okay.


  1. Love your drawing, poor little fishy, hope he survives!lol

  2. Brave little fish! Nice works and thoughts, too

  3. Great drawing. Love the cat licking his lips. Great minds think alike with the popularity theme. lol

  4. Thank you, ladies! You really are too kind. But you always bring a smile to my face!


  5. Hilarious!!
    Have a wonderful creative week!


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