Saturday, February 4, 2012

TMC Hamlin Beach Park

Hamlin Beach Copse
Watercolor Paint 4x6 Cold Press 140# Paper
©2012 BEDeuel
Last autumn (October 2010), Mike took his camera out to try to capture some of the remaining foliage on the shores of nearby Lake Ontario. The last several years, he'd become accustomed to using a digital camera, but wanted to try this venture with his new-ish 35mm.

What he found difficult, after all these years with instant results, was figuring out if he'd gotten the shot he'd wanted. Despite having taken film photographs for decades prior, it was alien returning to the form.

He was disappointed with the results. The day was beautiful but the foliage color was on the dim side, which, in truth was the only problem I could find with his photos. The composition was still excellent, the subject beautiful.

My motivation for using this photo for a 20-minute painting was to demonstrate to him how well his composition translates to others.

Personally, I'm pleased with the piece. Just as I was with his original photograph.

Thanks, Twenty Minute Challenge for letting me share!

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