Sunday, February 5, 2012

IF Suspense

Watercolor Paint on 4x6 Cold Press Paper
©2012 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts
Illustration Friday's topic this week is "Suspense". This illustration may look more like "Peek-a-Boo", but it really represents suspense and mystery for me.

The suspense is, "How will my hair behave today?" and the mystery often is, "What did I do to make it look this good and how will I do it again?".

In my lifetime, I don't know that I've ever known a woman who's been consistently happy about her hair. This phenomenon can be demonstrated simply by wandering the hair care aisle in any store. Between the cleaning, conditioning and coloring products available to the sprays, styling gels and mousses, it takes an entire aisle to hold it all. And if you want a tool to curl your hair, you can choose from small, medium or large curls, spiral curls, crimped waves, etc. Straightening tools offer broad irons for longer needs and 1" or less irons for just a light, wispy effect. It's a great business in which to have stock! Go Conair!

I'm no different in regards to being dissatisfied with my hair. I have 3 things working against me: thin, wavy hair, allergies to stay-in hair products and, mostly, that I'm just plain lazy when it comes to working with it. I've had wonderful hair stylists do great cuts to no avail. It's too fickle to try to anticipate what momentous steps I'll have to take to tame it on any given day.

However, one advantage to age, or, preferably, aging with a certain amount of grace, is that it seems to matter less and less. I don't like the days when my hair goes completely and wildly bad, but the normal, mediocre days are fine.

Think I'll try to avoid the suspense and mystery and just let it go. I'd rather be doing a lot of other things with my time anyway!

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  1. Isn't a mystery how the day after a new hairdo you can never get it to look the same as your hairdresser did.
    I love this illustration with the one eye.


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