Friday, March 23, 2012

IF Swamp

Sun and Swamp
Water Soluble Pencil on 4x6 130# Paper
©2012 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts
We've been so fortunate to taste some early summer-like weather the last week or two. It's been quite remarkable in the effect it's had on people in general. The warmth and the sun have been reflected in everyone's hearts and faces.

A wonderful end to a mild and quick winter. Or a great start to, hopefully, an enjoyable summer!

What has been even more amazing is that hubby and I have actually taken the time for a couple of leisurely, photo-laden strolls. One of the walks was along a trail that was dotted with creeks, a train trestle, both straggly and uniform rows of trees, and, yes, swamps.

The word "swamp" can conjure an ugly image of mud and algae, bugs, and stench.

But, personally, I've often found that swamps are fascinatingly lovely. The sight of a cluster of trees immersed in water, dead or dying, yet majestic and dignified, can be inspiring. Artistically, the view can offer so many textures and depths in one sweep.

It all comes back to the idea that beauty comes in all sizes, colors and forms. If you get the chance, stop and take a long, thorough look at a swamp. Like so many other things in life, you might be surprised at the treasures it might hold.


  1. Nice to see someone who uses water soluble pencils to such great effect!

  2. I agree that loveliness can emerge from swamps!

    Nice, soft drawing.

  3. Thank you, ladies!

    Hope you're having a lovely and creative week!


  4. What a wonderful swamp. Thanks for visiting me and your kind comments


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