Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monday Artday Miscalculate

Soft Colored Pencil 6x9 80# Paper
©2012 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts
I have never been considered a graceful person. Klutz, spastic, downright dangerous are most likely to be used to describe my movements.

That being said, why, oh, why do I choose to keep cats in the house?

Maybe it's the challenge of attempting to sense whether the cat will be under my feet as I'm carrying a basket of laundry down the staircase. Maybe it's a need to prove I can land on my feet just like a cat from an unnatural height. And not break an ankle. So far at least.

And for all of cats being a self-serving species, it puzzles me as to what motive they have in trying to put me out of commission. Hubby is not going to feed them 4 times a day like I do. They'll get food in the morning only because they annoy him until he gives in. But, no treats, no afternoon snack, and certainly no smelly, fishy soft food at bedtime will be given.

Yet, they persist in trying to trip me!

I doubt that I'll ever know what motive moves them, but be careful when you step blindly  in a downward direction: it's very easy to miscalculate!

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