Sunday, March 11, 2012

IF Yield

Never Yield
6x6 Watercolor on Smooth Bristol
©2012 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts
With the winds of March upon us, particularly here on the Hill, the vision of mightily fighting the gusts came to mind.

A damaged, broken umbrella has lost its purpose, while a swept-back coat offers little, if any, protection against the force she faces.

Yet, she still moves into the wind, determined to get to her destination.

From this point, I could launch a parable describing how this scene represents so many days in our lives. But, there really isn't any need, is there?

We can all see ourselves pushing to overcome the many hindrances that life throws at us.

And, thus the title: Never Yield.

Have a great and, however you might measure it, success-filled week!


  1. You are so right, life does send these hindrances, especially at the moment, but hohum on we go...your painting is perfect Never Yield, my motto for the week!

  2. Very imaginative! Magnificent.
    Do you know about MondayArtDay? The Challenge this week is umbrellas! Perhaps you can share this post over there.
    Happy Painting,

  3. Thank you, everyone!

    Ann, hope things are turning your way!

    Bilja, thank you for coming by and following!

    Nora, the Monday Art Day Challenge looks fun. I do enjoy the one-word challenges. Thank you for the info!


  4. Really nice illustration. You've captured the feeling of the wind with her hair, coat, & umbrella so effectively.


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