Sunday, April 1, 2012

IF Return

Returning to Flutter By
Water Soluble Pencil 5x7 140# Strathmore Paper
©2012 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts

It's been an odd winter and spring this year: We had tempertures around 80 degrees a couple of weeks ago and, just last night, we had about one and a half inches of snow. It is a very confusing day when you can see cherry blossoms on the trees which are surrounded by snow.

But yet, knowing that spring really is coming to stay (at least a few weeks), to return for it's annual engagement, thoughts turn to taming the garden and flowers reaching for sunny skies. And butterflies.

A most delicate and resourceful creature, beautiful from afar and, truthfully, quite homely upon close inspection. Seemingly a free-floating element in the wilds of the wind but programmed to migrate on a set course. A being of contradictions, a wonder to admire.

While we expect to guess about the day-to-day nature of weather, maybe we should be a little more amazed by the complexity of the seemingly simple things in life like, well, butterflies!


  1. Wow, where are you where so many butterflies will come to lite on one tree? Beautiful!

    1. If only I did live in Capistrano! Actually once the butterfly bush blossoms, it's a major attraction.


  2. We're getting strange changes in weather here in the UK. It had been lovely and warm for about 2 weeks and then yesterday turned cold... (no snow though)...Love your IF butterflies - I agree, they are wonderful to see, whoopey Spring and Summer are near.

    1. I hope it arrives on both sides of the Pond soon, Ann!

  3. Cute! A very happy place! This winter was strange. I really missed the snow and cold. I may have lost track of time because of it :)


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