Thursday, June 21, 2012

Journey to the First Craft Show

It's been a very long couple of months, yet it went by so very quickly.

In early May, I'd applied to do a craft show. It'd be my first one. It was for a fundraiser held by Montezuma Winery for the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge. About one week into May, illness hit our home, and it hit very hard. Hubby got the flu (another first) and I got... something. We're still not sure, but I think it was a combination of a sinus infection and whooping cough (there is an "epidemic" of it in our area). Needless to say, nothing got accomplished for at least 4 weeks.

Which left-yipes!- 3 weeks to prepare for the show. That included building that inventory I was supposed to create this past year and designing and making displays for the tent.

Eventually, there was not a single, clear flat surface in our entire house. But by this past Sunday morning, we had a full truck and were on the road to our first show.

We had to contend with detours, wind with a primarily paper product, and exhaustion.

Sales were negligible, but the whole experience was great. It was a beautiful day and the other vendors were so warm and helpful. We also observed a few things that will be changed for the next less than 2 weeks!

Wearily, once home, we unloaded the truck on Sunday night, collapsed and have not even cast an eye in the direction of all the items and displays from the show. We've missed our lives these last few weeks and we're trying to catch up a bit.

But, by next week, we should be ready to start again and get the excitement going for the July 4th show.

In the meantime, we're just taking lots of naps!

A special thanks to all our supporters: the mentor, the muse, the cheerleader, the critic, the everyone who has sent nothing but positive energy our way!

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  1. You have done so much in such a short while. I love the bright frames for the displays, and collection of hand painted crockery.

    I believe a home scattered with books and art supplies makes for a very happy place :)


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