Friday, August 31, 2012

Long Time Gone...

If you're like me, or most people, you've noticed that the summer of 2012 is (sob!) gone.

I can tell you exactly where it all went. And, I can also tell you that, while it seemed unproductive in regards to summer-type things, such as gardening and home projects,  I can say that it was very productive exploring so many new and different avenues.

There's been a change in the direction of Bronson Hill Arts' goals and venues; changes in my approach to the real-world job; changes in family situations, both good and bad; changes in lifestyle,in pursuit of better health.  Most importantly, as much time as possible was set aside to spend with the many diverse and wonderful people in my life.

One of the adventures that I was lucky enough to have this summer was a trip to the land of my youth, Long Island. It was an opportunity to reaquaint with old friends and their families and with the surrounding areas of interest.

I was blessed with a gracious and accommodating hostess who helped to indulge my shutterbugging. Hopefully, you can enjoy some of the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I hope you had a fulfilling summer, that you were able to accomplish some things- or,even one thing- that made you happy! That means you had a great summer!

A Big Birthday Party!
Grapes Waiting to Wine

Birdhouses by Nick (Mattituck)

Pure Sunshine

Shore of Umbrellas
Fire Island Lighthouse

Art Shot by My Patient Hostess: Wow.

Walls of Ivy
On Guard


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  1. Lovely photographs. I know what you mean about the summer! we had one of those too, waiting for it and whoosh gone!


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