Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little Giving...

Pink Rose
5x8 Water Soluble Crayon on 140# Canson Paper
©2013 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts

I’ve been so fortunate in being surrounded by giving, kind friends and family, that when there is constant conflict in the air, it can be difficult to look comfortably beyond my own personal world.

In this era of in-fighting, where it seems that everyone is looking to block success for anyone who doesn’t agree with them, it’s so easy to forget that the world is full of generosity.

Generosity is still an intricate part of human behavior. It just tends to be overshadowed by the rush of everyday activities. We can be moving at such a frantic pace that we miss all the little things that make society successful on a daily basis.

The opening or holding of a door. “Clicking” on donation sites to help animals. Giving your time to help someone who is ill. Brightening a stranger’s day with a smile. Appreciating the person who serves you in a store. And so many other gestures that connect us.

These are all acts of generosity that make our lives smoother, better. Small as they seem, they are the bigger part of us.

Savor every moment of kindness that comes your way!


Along the same line of thought, the art shown here is a sample of generosity: a gift card from a dear, wonderful friend for my, ahem, 50th, gave me the opportunity to try another medium. These are first attempts with water soluble crayons. Having fun working with something new and learning to illustrate flowers (one of my favorite things!). All thanks to the thoughtfulness of one of the many wonderful people in my life!

Purple Petunias
8x10 Water Soluble Crayons on 140# Canson Paper
©2013 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts

Single Dahlia
8x10 Water Soluble Crayon on 140# Canson Paper
©2013 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts


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