Friday, July 19, 2013


Charleston Garden
6x6 Water Soluble Oils on Stretched Canvas
©2013 BEDeuel Bronson Hill Arts

Summertime is here and, yes, almost gone. Where, oh, where have the long days of sunshine gone?

It's been awfully hot all around the country, including these netherlands of upstate New York, land of snow and snow. So, yes, summer is still going strong, even if we are on the shorter end of the long days.

But with the "dog days" of summer, it seems to be too easy to waste the days. In avoiding the heat, we languish.

Is that really a bad thing, though? No, it's not. The quote about "mad dogs & Englishmen" always rings true to me at this time of the year.

The painting here, Charleston Garden, was inspired by a photo taken many years ago while wandering by and admiring the lovely, gated gardens in that city. It took a lot longer to finish the painting than it should have, and, while I do like the final result, it's missing a key part, the part that held up the final brushstroke. I couldn't paint a decent looking, white cat.

The original photo depicted a pretty garden with a white cat in the foreground lazily cleaning him/herself.  The image of comfortable indifference was entrancing. It was the picture of the perfect way to spend the summertime: relaxed, casual, easy. S/he was doing only what was necessary and doing it slowly, at that!

So, taking a cue from my white, Cheshire cat (that only I can see), it's time to kick back in the hammock and enjoy what is left of these wonderful, sunny, hot days! Hope you do, too!


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  1. We are having hot weather here too, I can see why people in the Med. siesta, very sensible.
    Love your painting, even without the is probably under a shrub keeping cool, lol :)


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