Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Charlie's Cousin
Chalk & Pastel on Concrete
©2013 BEDeuel Bronson Hill Arts
Magic: An amazing part of the everyday, making every day different.

It is magical sometimes that an apparently uninspired day can become a day of creative fun and connection. As an aspiring artist, this is a common, incredible occurrence.

It can be accomplished with images, drawn, painted, shaped or captured digitally, words, notes of music elegantly strung together, movement both graceful and athletic.


There is magic in babies, families, pets, friendships. There is magic in waking up each and every day.

There is no moral to this post. It is simply a celebration of magic, of life. So much has happened this past year in my world, good and bad. And I am still here.

Life is still good.

Hope yours is, too!


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