Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gold & White

Unending cold, unending darkness,
Fill the unending wintertime.
After the storm covers the drabness,
The sudden beauty seizes the eye.
The glorious bones of trees, old and twisted,
Rise mighty and bleach-white.
Sunlight flits through the laciness
Of twigs that crosshatched,
Cast shadows, dense and intriguing.
Flecks of gold, cast about by the sunlight,
Crash joyfully onto the snow.
Fluff and ice that entices us
With promise of more loveliness to come.


  1. So much snow! but makes for gorgeous photographs :-)

  2. So good to hear from you.
    Beautiful poem to go with these beautiful photos. I agree, snow makes beautiful scenery but color is great.

  3. It feels nice to be able to catch up with everyone! Thank you so much for the positive thoughts!



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