Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bird Squares

It's time to try a little something different!

Through the last couple of years, I've collected various sized canvases along the way. I've puzzled over what I could do with a package of 4-3" square canvases. After doing "Cece's Window", there was no longer any mystery.

I've started by painting a basic set of colors in a simple pattern for the background. But, I've been trying more pragmatic ways to design my compositions.

Background Paint

In this instance, I made a colored print of the squares and, then, sketched the birds. Once the background paint is dry enough to work over, I'll transfer the images to the actual canvases.

Sketched Birds on Print

The painting of the birds will be in a looser style, but I like having the images detailed enough with which to really work. For this small a canvas, willow charcoal would be fairly useless.

I'll keep posting the steps as I go along...

Keep growing and flying, my friends!


  1. Love these! The colors and the shadowy birds work well together. Very cool!

  2. I love following your creative process. Can't wait to see how the birdies progress. Happy PPF

  3. Oh, a subject I adore…tweety birds….perfect!
    They are all lovely and I look forward to your process, very inspired.

    Annabelle : )

  4. fun ! I love any bird art. Can't wait to see how they turn out.

  5. I can't wait either, friends! Thank you for connecting with me!


  6. I really like these. I was telling my husband today that I don't draw birds very well. These are excellent


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