Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Poppies A-Startin'

While the beginning process for this painting is not as involved as the process needed for the Bird Squares, I thought it would still be fun to document the start of Poppies!

This is being done on an 8x8" stretched canvas so laying down a charcoal sketch is much easier than on 3x3" squares.

The first image is the base: a mix of titanium white and sap green water soluble oils, blended and criss-crossed for texture. 

The second photograph is the laying-in of the basic reds and greens of the poppies, stems and leaves, over the charcoal sketch. You can still see some "extra" lines under the paint.

Will be jumping between the Bird Squares and Poppies, between everything else, of course! Stay tuned!

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