Friday, April 25, 2014

Poppies: Just In Time for Spring!

8x8 Water Soluble Oils on Stretched Canvas
©2014 BEDeuel

Okay, so this presentation is a little bit reversed... but we are very ready for spring to come and stay!!

Normally, vanity would stop me from posting all the steps that it took to get to the final painting, but I wanted to share some of the problems that were encountered while creating the painting.

A nice start...
Composition is working, so far...

Something is starting to take over... 

Uh-oh! Need an outline to find the flowers...

Finally! The painting emerges!

White paint to the rescue!

Sometimes, I feel like I just want to chuck a canvas, but, with determination, the painting will evolve. That's the beauty of creating!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bird Squares Continued

Progress, so far:
Sketch on Paper Copy of Painted Background

Tracing the Sketch

Applying Charcoal to the Back of the Tracing

Transferred Sketches to the Canvases

The Painting!

One down; 3 to go!

First Day of Spring & Indulging in Art

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