Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Digital Doodles

A couple of months ago, a friend showed me a photo of her dogs. The angle of the picture inspired an idea! The image was from the perspective of the dog walker, looking down at the dogs on several leads.

Here's the result, after an evening playing with a paint program on my tablet:

Walking Beth's Dogs
BEDeuel ©2014 Bronson Hill Arts

After printing and matting it for Beth, another friend asked for a portrait of her cats:

Chilling with Vicki's Cats
BEDeuel ©2014 Bronson Hill Arts
They are fun to do and, obviously, wonderfully personal for the pet parents!

So, of course, I had to do one of one of our pet kids:

Our Mickey
BEDeuel ©2014 Bronson Hill Arts

There are many more photos waiting to be done, I'm sure! And, so enjoyable to do!

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