Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Appreciating It All

3.5" square Water Soluble Oils on Canvas
©BEDeuel Bronson Hill Arts

With the Fourth of July weekend of celebrations just a few days away, it is undeniably summer. 

No room for chickadees in this part of the world. For now.

After a particularly brutal winter, it's easy to appreciate the warmth, even at it's humid peak. 

Appreciation is hard to hold in place. It's so very easy to let the negative overwhelm the good in our lives. Whether it is our gratitude for our own lives and loves, or being valued by others in our world, appreciation can simply become nonexistent.

Over the last month or two, I've been feeling appreciated in pleasant, unexpected ways. It's my turn, now, to remind all of you how much I appreciate you. Even if it seems that our visits are often sparse, you are never far from my heart and mind.

All of you!

Appreciating it all: winter & summer, chickadees & bluebirds, special & mundane, friends & family, work & leisure.

Keep life wonderful! Have a great holiday!

1 comment:

  1. Love this painting and the textures. We don't have chickadees in the UK, so I hadn't known till a couple of years ago that 'chickadee' was a bird at all, I thought it was just a word for friend!!! silly me ;)


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