Sunday, September 14, 2014

Celebrating Discovery

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In working to develop various marketing sites, there are 2 topics that have completely stumped me: my niche, audience, or market (whichever term you prefer) and defining my artistic style.

I can't even begin to find the first without knowing the second!

With such an emphasis on keywords, tags, phrases & SEO in online marketing, it's almost impossible to avoid the need for the singular description of something that is so intimately emotional.

For expediency, I'd used the term casual representative. This is one of the disadvantages of not having completed a formal art education. I knew that there had to be an universally accepted term for whatever my style has become.

After hours of reading art marketing articles, I was still stymied.

Then I struck the proverbial jackpot: Painterly. Breaking it down in order to visualize that term are the words Expressive Realism. It feels right. The definition I'd found of the title made it right:

"'s not a style of painting where the end result is intended to look smooth & glossy...

"It's a style which (and here's the word that brings it home for me- BED) celebrates & shows off the materials made to create it: paint & a brush.

"The result is something only a painter could produce." (Italics added by me.)

Celebrates. Celebrates the beauty of paint and brush. Celebrates the painter's view; perhaps, even the painter's soul.

I could not have found a more perfect statement to convey how I feel about creating artwork.

Now, let's see what Google thinks of the term! To be continued...

After reading the articles that I've linked here, visit our Etsy shop and let me know if you agree or disagree with my selection of Expressive Realism.

How would you describe your artistic style? Leave a comment if you'd like!

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